How to add new user accounts in Linux along with ssh access ?

Assuming you are logged in as super user or any other user with sudo access

Step 1

Open your terminal and connect to your Linux using ssh

Step 2

Use adduser command to create new user account and follow the instructions .

sudo adduser your_user

If you want to disable the password for your ssh login to your Linux instances or machine use following command

sudo adduser your_user --disabled-password

Step 3

Switch to your new user account using following command

sudo su - your_user

Step 4

Create .ssh directory inside your_user directory.

 mkdir .ssh 

Step 5

Assign the 700 permission to .ssh directory so the user can read,write or open the directory .

 chmod 700 .ssh

Step 6

Create authorized_keys file inside .ssh directory .

 touch .ssh/authorized_keys

Step 7

Assign 600 permission to restrict other user to write or access.

 chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys

Step 8

Add your public key to authorized_keys. Use cat command to add the public keys .

cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys

And Paste your public kays than press Ctrl+d to exit form cat command.

Step 9

Add your user to super user group using following command.

sudo usermod -aG sudo your_user

Step 10

Verify that you are able connect with your new user you just have created using following command .

ssh -i your_private_key [email protected]_ip

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