Tikam Shah As Web Developer

I am a web developer with the Open Source open source frameworks and E-commerce website .

I love to being the part of the open sources CMS and eCommerce  like

Php  , Magneto 2, WordPress , open-cart , Drupal  , Joomla , Zen Cart and many more …..

A part from that I have worked with the lots of frameworks like

Laravel , CodeIgniter Web Framework  , Zend Framework , Cake Php and more …..

Apart of the , worked with the several others open sources technologies …

JavaScript , Jquery , XML , angularJs , Mobile Application Development and more ….

And also i have worked through the several of api’s and number  of the payment gateways integrations , Quick books integrations , number of traveling and booking portals as well as web hosting and SSL integrations and many more….

I do love providing the paid support and helping in the field of the Web Development , Web Designing , Web hosting , Web Services , Mobile Applications , API Integrations, AWS or Digital Ocean support services and many more ….