What are the different types of PHP variables?

There are 8 data types which is used for creating our variables in php .

Integers − The whole numbers, consists of no decimal point as for example 2542

Doubles − The floating-point numbers consists of decimal point , like 8.51254 or 8.5.

Booleans − It consists of two possible values either true or false i.e (0 or 1).

NULL − The special type of data types that has single velue i.e : NULL.

Strings − The Strings are the sequence of characters , as for example ‘Welcome to Php Interview Questions ‘.

Arrays − The structured data type that stores single of more type of data in single variable .

Objects − Simply the objects are the instances of the programmer-defined class , which incapsulate both other kinds of values and functions defined in the specific class .

Resources − Resources are special types of variables that hold the references to resources external to PHP (such as database connections).

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